Producer of the Week: Nurturing Nature Farm

Cathy Olsen used to dream of having a farm to grow herbs and flowers. “I’ve always loved to grow things and dig in the dirt,” she said. Three years ago Cathy’s dream became a reality when she started Nurturing Nature Farm.

Cathy helps a patron at the market. Photo by Copper Lantern Pictures.

Cathy helps a patron at the market. Photo by Copper Lantern Pictures.

Cathy not only likes to dig in the dirt, she also likes to make one-of-a-kind creations from the items she grows. From her beautifully painted gourds to her wood plank flower holders, it’s clear that Cathy is an artist at heart. “I love to draw, and now I find I can combine my interests in art and growing. It really makes me smile,” she said.

“I also really like this market,” Cathy said. “I like that I can make something different and bring it here.” Cathy values the fact that the patrons are so friendly and eager to talk with her about her flowers, plants, and artistry creations.

Cathy uses organic practices to provide fresh cut flowers and fresh herbs. “I think it’s important that people have a source of herbs that are pesticide free and organically grown,” Cathy shared. Of all the herbs Cathy sells at her booth at the market, basil is the number one seller, followed closely by cilantro.

Pay Cathy a visit on your next trip to the market. You’ll get to experience her creative artistry and be inspired to dig in the dirt yourself!

PRODUCER SPECIAL: This week Cathy is offering two of her strawberry plants on sale for $5.

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