Producer of the Week: Marcia’s Cupcakery

Marcia's Cupcakery logo.

Marcia’s Cupcakery logo.

Marcia Ford-Bey is a cupcake mastermind, and it’s not just because it says so on her business card. Marcia has the awards – and the fan appreciation – to prove it. Red Velvet, S’mores, Cookies and Cream, Twix. These flavors are among the most popular ones at the UM Farmers Market. While Marcia’s Cupcakery is a new producer with the market this season, it hasn’t taken long for Marcia to win over the taste buds of many of our patrons.

“I love to create new and unique flavors,” Marcia said. “They can appeal to all different tastes. Plus, it’s a way of getting my creativity out.”

Marcia knew she was on to something special when she entered her Twix cupcake into a competition in 2014. The judge had been a chef who worked under Emeril Lagasse. “When she ate my cupcake, she stopped and did a dance. Then she ate three more,” Marcia shared. “I knew then that I needed to do something with my cupcakes.”

Marcia began baking at a young age with her mother. “She taught me how to make cakes from scratch,” Marcia said. “I got my love of baking from my mom.” Marcia’s mom is still involved with the baking, helping Marcia with her business.

Marcia’s cupcakes are gourmet and made with the finest ingredients. “I use Madagascar vanilla extract and not McCormick’s. I use Scharffen Berger chocolate and not Hershey’s. I use butter and milk and not shortening,” Marcia said. “I only bake with good, old fashioned quality products all the time.”

Marcia hand-crafts each of her gourmet cupcakes. It takes time, she explained. The Twix cupcake, for example, requires Marcia to form the cookie crust, make the batter, chop up the Twix pieces, and more. “I think people may think that baking cupcakes is an easy thing to do,” Marcia said. “It’s actually very time consuming.”

Marcia doesn’t regret the time, however, when she sees how much the UMFM patrons enjoy her homemade creations. “It’s always so rewarding to see people’s reaction for the first time when they taste one of my cupcakes,” she said.

Marcia enjoys being at the UM Farmers Market. She enjoys meeting new people and encouraging them to try out her new products. She especially loves repeat customers, she said. And with her yummy cupcake flavors, there are many!

PRODUCER SPECIAL: Get 2 mini-cupcakes for $3 this Saturday. Now, that’s a delicious deal!