Producer of the Week: A’Dello Vineyard and Winery

Featured wines from among A'Dello's 17 varieties. Photo courtesy of Copper Lantern Pictures.

Featured wines from among A’Dello’s 17 varieties. Photo courtesy of Copper Lantern Pictures.

Here’s a word problem right off a student’s math test. Are you ready? If a local wine maker produces 300 cases of wine in 2010, and now, in 2015, expects to produce 5,000 cases of wine, how many more cases is he producing for eager customers in just 5 years?

The answer: A lot. Yes, that’s 4,700 more cases.

No wonder Dom Dollose, owner of A’Dello Vineyard and Winery with is wife Tina, said, “I better get a vacation soon.”

Dom and Tina opened the winery in 2010. Since then, their business production has grown exponentially in order to keep up with increasing customer demand for their wines.

The rigors of wine making aren’t new to Dom, though. He grew up in a wine-making family and learned the craft from his grandmother. “Wine making comes very natural to me,” Dom shared. “I would make it every single year for myself and my family.”

Then in 2009, Dom decided he needed a change. “When I hit 55, I was ready for a career change,” Dom said. “I was an electrical contractor when I started making wine as a side job. Soon, the demand for the wine mushroomed, and that’s when we decided to establish the business.”

Today, A’Dello Vineyard and Winery is expanding beyond its home-base location on Simmons Road in Perkiomenville. Dom’s sons, Matt and Mike Dellose, recently opened The Barrel by A’Dello wine bar on Bridge Street in Phoenixville. The Barrel features an upscale tasting room, food, and Wi-Fi. “We have 10 mixed drinks at the wine bar that are only made with our wines. These are all natural wines,” Dom said. In the next three to four years, Dom anticipates opening more Barrel wine bars in multiple locations.

Back on Simmons Road, the tasting room there is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11am to 6pm. “Tastings are $10 per person for you to sample all 17 of our wines in our signature wine glass, which you get to keep after the tasting,” Dom said. “It’s the perfect Italian winery experience, and it’s conveniently located within 45 minutes of everything. It’s a world inside a world.”

In this world, there is indoor and outdoor seating, as well as live music every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. There are tables, chairs and umbrellas. “I just encourage everyone to bring their own food,” Dom said.

When they’re not working at the winery, Dom and Tina are out at farmers markets selling their wines and telling patrons about the winery. “My favorite thing about being at the market and being a producer is that I make a lot of people happy,” Dom said. At the UM Farmers Market in particular, patrons really enjoy A’Dello’s Blueberry wine.

“We are known for our naturally-made, clean-tasting, and low-sulfate wines among all the Pennsylvania wineries,” Dom stated. “Our wines are sweet, but they are dry. Our dry red wines set us apart from every other winery.”

Dom shared that making wine is very labor intensive. “It’s very hands-on. We’re not automated. We don’t use all the chemicals in our wines,” Dom said. “All our wines are made naturally from PA-grown products, except for the blueberries, which come from New Jersey.”

Dom welcomes UM Farmers Market patrons to visit his winery and enjoy the tasting experience. “It’s especially beautiful in the fall with the changing colors of the leaves,” Dom said. Some members of the UM Farmers Market Committee visited Dom’s winery for a tasting last year and really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, good music and beautiful views. We encourage you to put a visit to A’Dello Vineyard and Winery on your fall calendar and expect to be delighted!

PRODUCER SPECIAL: Dom is offering $1 off his apple wine this weekend. This just-bottled wine can be warmed and is great for the fall and winter.

Food Pairing Suggestions from A’Dello Vineyard and Winery

A'Dello Vineyard and Winery

A’Dello Vineyard and Winery

This week, we bring you some delicious wine and food pairing recommendations from one of our vendors, A’Dello Vineyard and Winery, located in Perkiomenville, PA.

A’Dello features five distinct categories of wine – Signature Reds, Signature Whites, Semi-Sweet Whites, Cellar Door/Blush Collection, and Fun and Fruity. Owner and vintner Dom Dellose offers these great suggestions on foods that will really complement your wine experience!

Food pairings:

Signature Reds

  • Includes Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and more.
  • Pair these wines with pasta, meat, or prime rib.

Signature Whites

  • Includes  Chardonnay and Chardonel, and also includes barrel-aged selections.
  • Pair these wines with fettuccine.

Semi-Sweet Whites

  • Includes Sauvignon, Riesling, and Sweet Niagara.
  • Pair these wines with fish, salad, or chicken for a refreshing taste.

Fun and Fruity

  • Includes the 100% fruit collection featuring blueberry, apple, peach, and strawberry selections.
  • Pair these fruity wines with barbecue foods.

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